Making of an Outlaw – Ned Kelly


Leo Kennedy is the great grandson of Sergeant Michael Kennedy. A lawyer and the Independent Secretary of Victoria Police Blue Ribbon Foundation.

Leo grew up on stories of the good deeds of the Stringybark Creek policemen. He heard how his great-grandfather and two other policemen were murdered by Ned Kelly and the Kelly gang at Stringybark Creek on 26 October 1878.

Raised in the shadow of his great-grandfather’s murder he witnessed the psychological wounds inflicted on victim’s families as the Ned Kelly myth grew and the sacrifice of their loved ones was forgotten.

Moved by the trauma in his family; he wanted to tell the real story of Ned Kelly and reinstate the truth about his ancestors. He reached out to descendants of the Kelly gang and encountered people who had experienced trauma like his. Leo spent much of his spare time researching public records, family history and visiting Stringybark Creek and other sites. He aligned oral history with historical records.

In 2013 he was instrumental in the restoration of the Mansfield police graves and monument; and was keynote speaker at the Victoria Police Remembrance-day.

In 2018 Leo was a key contributor in the redevelopment of the Stringybark Creek historical site. He released the best-selling non-fiction book – Blacksnake – the real story of Ned Kelly and featured in the documentary Lawless – Ned Kelly.

With his legal background and family connection Leo provides unique details and insights of the Kelly gang, people and police; and the trauma of victims of the Kelly gang.

NOELEEN LLOYD is the great granddaughter of Thomas Lloyd Junior, often regarded as the 5th member of the Kelly Gang, whose mother was part of the Quinn family. She is also the great grand-niece of Kelly Gang member Steve Hart. Noeleen is a local and family historian and founding member of the Greta Heritage Group. She is well known for her knowledge and interest in the Kelly story. She also has a keen interest in the local ANZAC history, having co – coordinated the local award-winning Centenary of ANZAC Project along with fellow team member Adrian Younger and other community members.

Noeleen is currently researching the Irish Famine Orphan History as two of her great great grandmothers arrived as part of the Earl Grey Scheme- including Steve Hart’s mother. Noeleen is the Secretary of both the Greta Hansonville Hall Committee and Greta Cemetery Trust and is committed to ensuring history and heritage are preserved and recorded correctly.

In her professional career, Noeleen works in the Criminal Justice field, having worked with disaffected youth as well as both young and adult offenders for over 30 years.

ADRIAN YOUNGER is a sixth generation north east Victorian, born and raised in Greta. He has closely followed the Kelly story and is a keen local historian well known for his knowledge of both local and Kelly history.

He has been visiting and camping at Stringybark Creek from his family farm in Greta since he was a teenager. His love of bush craft and history has seen him spend hours both solo and with groups walking through various trails and bush areas. His many years spent in the Army Reserve have provided him with knowledge, skills and experience that informs his research in the field.

He is well versed in areas of geography and bush craft. Adrian continues to work within the community and is on a number of local Committees including the Greta Hansonville Hall, Greta Cemetery Trust and the Greta Sporting Complex.

He continues his interest in military history, in particular the Australian Light Horse and is Vice President of the 8/13th Victorian Mounted Rifles Association.


Power’s Lookout @ 10.00am:

Join Noeleen Lloyd, a descendant of the Quinn and Lloyd Clan talk about the history of Glenmore Station and the role the Quinn and Lloyd families played in the Kelly Story. Noeleen will be joined by Leo Kennedy, great grandson of Sgt Michael Kennedy who will explain why Glenmore was considered focal point for police, including the hunt for and the capture of Bushranger Harry Power.

Stringybark Creek @ 11.30am:

Moving on to Stringybark Creek, the site where on 26 October 1878, three Victorian Police were ambushed and killed by what would become known as the the Kelly Gang. Hear from local Greta historian Adrian Younger and Leo Kennedy about the landscape of the area, and why Edward and Dan Kelly, along with their mates were able to remain undetected. Leo Kennedy will give the group an overview of the events that occurred. including the days before, and the days after the killings.

Mansfield Cemetery @ 2.30pm:

Hear from Leo Kennedy graveside at the Mansfield cemetery & learn who these men & policemen were, direct from the family perspective

Mansfield Police Monument @ 3.30pm:

Gather at the Police Monument to hear the speech of Captain Standish, the Chief Commissioner of police in 1880

Mansfield Golf Club @ 6.00pm:

Join Noeleen Lloyd and Leo Kennedy, for dinner and a shared presentation on the aftermath of the Kelly Outbreak 145 years on. Hear about a shared history, and how descendants are working together to ensure the story is told with respect, honesty and collaboration. There will be time for questions and discussion.