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President of the Mansfield Historical Society Neil O’Halloran together with the committee – Albert Walsh, Ann Ware, Gerri Allan, Graeme Stoney, Ian Geer, Julie Warren, Maureen Davies, Peter Gardner, Robyn Toomey, Sue Card, Sue Gardner and Tim Skinner are asking for your help in winning a major grant to provide Mansfield with an outstanding home for it’s local history and the history of the people who made it.

The Mansfield Historical Society volunteers work tirelessly to capture, research and record our history and right now they need our assistance to secure funding for Mansfield’s Heritage Homestead and Storage Area (museum) to be located in the Railway Precinct.

The Historical Society houses a vast collection of photos, clothing, stories and equipment from a bygone era, that has been donated and bequeathed from Mansfield families and individuals. They are also the custodians of over 1200 family files which include photographs which currently are in the process of being digitised. “We have family members who come in to discover pictures of their relatives that they’ve never seen before,” said Ann Ware. One of the current research projects includes the provenance of a buggy believed to be connected to the Widow of Wappan, Anne Bon – pastoralist, philanthropist and advocate for Aboriginal people.

Currently this collection of Mansfield’s history is housed in numerous storage facilities scattered around the district, out of sight. Recently a significantly important local collection was lost due to lack of storage and now these historical and valuable artifacts of yesteryear will be scattered across the countryside and lost forever instead of remaining intact in Mansfield as part of our unique heritage.

The Historical Society has an opportunity to secure a government grant and our chances are greatly improved if Mansfield can show community support and raise 10% of the requested grant of $1.5m. “As the applications open on the 15th March and close on the 12 April, this gives us little time to raise $150,000 but we remain confident that the citizens of Mansfield are up to the challenge”, said the Treasurer Peter Gardner.  

Call to action: “We are asking the residents of Mansfield and surrounding district to find 5 minutes to follow and like our Facebook page which will indicate community support and if you are in a fortunate position to donate money, please do so by following the link provided. And don’t forget it is a tax deduction.  Your donation will be held in trust, and only used for the new facility.”

Our district has a rich history in farming, timber and gold, with wonderful stories of prominent families, successes and losses, crime, murder, war and mayhem just waiting to be discovered.