Research & Assistance

The Society aims to preserve and promote the history of the Mansfield region. Its archives contain a wealth of information about the history of Mansfield and the surrounding district including genealogical information, microfiche documents, photos, memorabilia, maps and an extensive clothing collection. The Society has many books and photographs of the local area that are available for purchase online. You can view & photographs via the High Country History Hub

Extensive Database​​

Our database allows us to quickly find any name or event mentioned in the Mansfield Courier prior to 1960. Using this system and our other records, our research team can track down information for you about early Mansfield . A small research fee is charged to cover costs. You can Click here to contact the research team

Additional Research

Research assistance in genealogy and matters regarding the Mansfield district is available at a cost of $25.00 per hour.  Additional research cost is negotiable.

Mansfield Historical Society Members are able to use the website to conduct family research free of charge. This excellent database is accessible at “The Station” during opening hours only.

Cemetery Records

Bonnie Doon
Woods Point, Matlock
Cathkin, Gobur


Bonnie Doon
Eildon Weir
Original subdivision of towns of Delatite, the Ranges


Various publications pertaining to the district and its inhabitants

Copies of local newspapers to present

Microfiche Records, Births, Deaths, Marriages, Headstones

Memorabilia Displays

Taungurung Display
Costumes & Jewellery
Vintage household items
Train & Railway
Logging & Sawmilling
Tools & Farm artefacts
Geological collection

Microfiche Records:

  • Mansfield Newspapers, from 1869 to 1960
  • Victorian Births 1853-1913
  • Victorian Deaths 1854-1980
  • Victorian Marriages 1856-1930
  • NSW Baptisms – Pre 1856
  • NSW Births 1856-1899
  • NSW Deaths 1870-1899
  • NSW Burials 1856-1869
  • NSW Marriages pre 1856-1899
  • Index to NSW Convict Indents 1788-1842
  • Early Victorian Church Records 1837-1853
  • Immigration to Victoria, Assisted Immigrants 1839-1871
  • Victorian Police Gazette 1853-1870
  • Surname Index to ‘Age’ newspaper ‘Help Wanted’ column, June 1984-1989
  • Australian Historic Records Register
  • Wise’s Victorian Directories 1895-1896
  • Bailliere’s Victorian Directories 1868-72, 1875, 1880-81
  • Shire of Mansfield Map – Counties of Anglesea, Delatite and Wonnangatta
  • Shire of Mansfield Rate Books – 1870-1931
  • Shire of Howqua Rate Books 1870-1888
  • Eildon (Darlingford) Cemetery Headstone Inscriptions 1870-1999
  • Yarck Cemetery Headstone Inscriptions 1883-1999
  • Gobur Cemetery Headstone Inscriptions 1878-1999
  • Yea & Alexandra – Anglican Baptisms 1867-1930
  • Gibson Index – 19th century Watchhouse Charge books – Victoria Police
  • Index – Members Of Victoria Police – 1853 to 1953
  • Victorian Government Gazettes 1864-1914

Photograph Collection:

Over 6,000 local district photographs, including the Bostock Collection, Alex Trahair Collection, Harold Gibbs Collection, R. Richardson Collection, Frank Bussat collection (Woods Point) featuring information on the gold mining era. Extensive photographic records of gold mining era and 1939 bushfires

Computer Records:

  • Victorian Births, Deaths and Marriages Index – 1837-1985
  • South Australian Deaths and Marriages 1842-1916, Births 1846-1906
  • Inquest Index – Victoria 1840-1985
  • Maritime Births, Deaths and Marriages 1853-1920
  • British Isles Vital Records Index 1530-1906
  • Voices from a War
  • Baptism Records (Anglican) 1864-1939
  • Melbourne General Cemetery
  • Queensland Pioneer Index 1829-1889
  • Index to Convicts who arrived in NSW, 1788-18842 and ships
  • Snapshots in Time – Pictorial History of Bonnie Doon
  • Immigration Index 1852-79
  • Family Tree Maker 2006
  • Electoral Rolls – Australia 1903-1909
  • Cyclopaedia of Victoria
  • Mansfield Cemetery Records 1860-2007
  • Mansfield Courier Records 1869-1960 (digital pdf)

  Family Information Files:

A Adams , Allen, Anderson , Arbuthnot
BBalding, Bedford, Bird, Bohun, Bostock, Breadon, Brown, Buckland, Bullock
CCarey, Cashman, Chamley, Chater, Chenery, Comerford, Corbett HW, Cox, Crespin, Crockett,
Cummins, Cunnington
DDale, Desmond, Dickens, Dolling, Doughty, Dosser, Ducrow, Duffy, Dundas
EElvins, Evans
FFeltwell, Fitzmaurice, Folks, Forsyth, Fraser, Friday, Fry
GGilmore, Goldsworthy, Gough, Greenway, Griffin
HHarrison, Hearn, Heller, Highett, Hill, Hoskins, Hutchinson
JJohns, Johnston
KKelleher, Kelly, Kelson, Kirley, Klingsporn, Knockwood
LLakin, Lloyd, Long, Lovick
MMahoney, Murphy, McCraig, McCashney, McCaskill, McCormack, McIntosh, McKenzie, McKinnon,
McMillan, McVeigh
N Neely
OOats, O’Connor, Oldham, O’Rourke
PParker, Peachey, Plancke, Powell, Purcell
RReardon, Redfern, Rekers, Reynolds, Ritchie, Roluston, Ross, Rowe
SSartain, Shanks, Smith, Stewart, Stoney, Svenson, Swallow, Swain
TTerry,Thompson, Tilt, Todd, Tolmie
WWalker, Walsh, Ware, Weeks, Whimpney, Williamson, Wishart, Withers, Woodland
Z Zeidler